Inheritance: A Psychological History Of The Royal Family

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Inexploring Royal dynamics, "Inheritance" sheds light on problems found in any familyOn its first publication in the 1990s, Dennis Friedman's" Inheritance" caused a furor inEnglandas he traced the many problems of the Royal family as it was then back to Queen Victoria's nursery, unveiling a host of psychodramas played out against a privileged background of English palaces and Scottish castles. In a post-Diana age, the arrival of a new Prince George to the seemingly stable and blissfully happy William and Kate seems to refute Fiedman's thesis but what of the notoriously wayward Prince Harry? Many questions are raised in this book addressing the complex and turbulent royal relationships, perhaps the most fundamental being the rigid and traditional royal upbringing which still awaits the baby prince. As the royal line is followed down the generations no direct descendent is overlooked andno issue is sidestepped."

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