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What Philosophy Can Do

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In What Philosophy Can Do, Gary Gutting leaves the ivory tower to tackle difficult questions in everyday life and shows how philosophy can be used as a method for interrogating our world-and one another. He looks at why today's political debates are so polarised, why scientific research on happiness does not make us happier and whether there are convincing reasons to believe-or not believe-in God. Gutting takes the most powerful-and divisive-forces in our society: politics, science, religion, art and capitalism-and applies a philosopher's scalpel to reveal thoughtful ways to look at vexing issues. He introduces readers to analytical tools, from inductive and deductive logic to the principle of charity, that they can apply to news events and policy debates. Gutting underlines philosophy's great promise for enriching public discussions about the most important issues in human life.

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ISBN 9780393242270
Categories Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development, Reference, RM1 Deals, RM1 Deals Adults
Author(s) Gary Gutting
Publisher Norton
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