The Bridesmaids

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Each year 11 million bridesmaids lead their best friends down the aisle. Most wear matching dresses, and nearly all have a thing or two to say about the bride. In this uproarious oral history, editor and journalist Eimear Lynch offers us an intimate glimpse at the moments the wedding photographer failed to capture. From the accidental bridesmaid who helped sew the bride into her "designer" gown to the tomboy who carried Princess Diana's twenty-five foot train-and opening with Eimear's own experiences as a five-time 'maid - The Bridesmaids lifts the veil on the Big Day, offering us stories by turns heartfelt, funny, scandalous, and downright strange. An ode to the good, the bad, the strapless chiffon, and the occasional three-piece suit-and, above all, the supporting actresses and actors who wore them - The Bridesmaids is a colourful walk down the aisle that you won't want to miss and the perfect companion for every bridesmaid-to-be.

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ISBN 9781250041777
Categories Family and Relationship, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development
Author(s) Eimear Lynch
Publisher Picador
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