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Suicide Club: A Story About Living

If you could live forever . . . would you?

Imagine a world where the healthy choice is the only choice.

'Original and subversive.' Independent

'Life-affirming' Erin Kelly, author of He Said/She Said

Lea Kirino is a 'Lifer,' who has the potential to live forever - if she does everything right. She has lived her life by religiously following the state directives that ensure she remains fit and healthy. She knows she wants to live forever, and she is going to green juice, yoga-cise and meditate her way to immortality.

Yet, when a brush with death brings her face to face with a mysterious group who believe in everything the state has banned, memories of now-forbidden childhood pleasures resurge alongside ghosts of her past. As Lea's long-held beliefs begin to crack, she is forced to consider: What does it reallymean to live?

'Addictive' Sun

'Fascinating' Jeff VanderMeer, author of the Southern Reach trilogy

'An intriguing idea in which Heng takes a much-needed swipe at health fascism and our obsession with youth, beauty and superfoods' Mail on Sunday

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ISBN 9781473672956
Categories Asian Literature, Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Fiction/Fiksyen, Just Arrived, MIXnMATCH
Author(s) Rachel Heng
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton
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Language English