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Rainy Day Activity Fun & Games

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Tired of hearing, "I'm BORED?" Give children these entertaining books packed with hours of learning activities that are intriguing and fun. In Rainy Day Activity Fun & Games, kids will start longing for rainy days so they can spend more time absorbed by mazes, picture puzzles, coloring, number and shape games, spot the difference, and more. It even comes with a multicolored, stackable pencil that lets them use 6 different vibrant colors! Books in the What Shall I Do? series are great options when you want to steer children away from television or the computer (the less screen time, the better) but you want to encourage hand-eye coordination, challenge their minds, and keep them amused at home or on the go.
Product Overview
ISBN 9780764168635
Categories 3-5, 4-8, 6-8, Activity Books, Children's Books, Kanak-Kanak/Children
Author(s)  Elizabeth Golding 
Publisher B.E.S. Publishing
Weight 0.54 kg
Language English