Perfect Sleep

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Rather than being an isolated part of a baby's life, sleep impacts on and is affected by nutrition, development and personality. Arna Skula, a clinical nurse specialist who runs an outpatient clinic for babies with sleep problems, explains how parents can establish and maintain good sleep habits in their babies and small children, and offers ways to solve sleep problems. Unique, specially created charts show the typical sleep and wake patterns for babies at all key stages. Arna also explains what to expect at every stage of development from newborn to three years of age, and provides support for parents of singletons, twins, premies and those whose children suffer from colic, ear infections and other problems.

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ISBN 9780600631484
Categories Family and Relationship, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development, Rejuvenate Me, Sleep and Detox
Author(s) Arna Skula
Publisher Hamlyn
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