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My First Bible Stories (Stories Jesus Told): The Good Samaritan

Who will help the traveller who is left beaten at the roadside? The first passersby who approach him refuse to help - it's only the Samaritan who shows the man kindness. One of the best-known New Testament parables is retold in a stunning picture book perfect for sharing with young children. Part of a series of six parables, retold simply and clearly, ensuring they are the perfect first introduction for young children to Jesus' much-loved stories. Beautifully illustrated,the meaning oft the story is explained simply and clearly, with next steps at the back of the book to encourage further discussion plus a rhyme for children to join in with!

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ISBN 9781784938383
Categories 3-5, 4-8, 6-8, Child Holy, Children's Books, Children's Religion, Kanak-Kanak/Children, Spiritual Bible
Author(s) Box, Su
Publisher Box, Su
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Language English