Milon's Super English Handbook (English-Mandarin)

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Milon’s Super English Handbook attempts to give concisely the essentials of the English language to meet the needs of Chinese students to whom English is a second language. The Chinese support in this book explains every important aspect of the English language to enable students to acquire mastery of the language with ease and speed. This in turn will help the student accell in any field of education, be it academic or professional.To assist learners to learn the correct use of the English language, numerous exercises with answers have also been included, for practice and exposure to the jargon that surrounds the English language.Milon’s Super English Handbookshould prove useful not only in the teaching of English in the classroom but also to others who are desirous of improving their command of the English language through self study.

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ISBN 9789671564936
Categories Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development, Reference
Author(s) Milon Nandy
Publisher Kualiti Books
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