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Loving Solutions

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Books have been written for couples preparing for marriage, and for individuals walking the long road after a divorce. But what about people somewhere in between? What about those whose marriage isn't failing, but flawed?With the authority of a professional psychologist and the wisdom of a pastor, Dr. Chapman offers hope for troubled marriages in Loving Solutions. He presents reasonable solutions based on God's Word to couples at every level of need. Spouses struggling with controlling and uncommunicative mates will find a remedy here, as will the partners of abusive or alcoholic mates.In Loving Solutions, Dr. Chapman draws on years of experience as a marriage counselor and as a Christian. Helping readers solve problems rather than abandon their marriage, he supplies solutions that are not only practical, but permanent. Readers will learn the six principles of 'reality living,' and take first steps toward healing their marriage.

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ISBN 9781881273912
Categories Family and Relationship, NewandRestock, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development
Author(s) Gary Chapman
Publisher Northfield Publishing
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Language English