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Essential Guide To Surviving Infidelity

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A thoughtfully written and sensitive guide for anyone dealing with the devastating effects of an affair. For anyone who has been impacted by an affair, the effects can be nothing short of devastating. Licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Liz Currin has years of experience helping couples resolve and repair the damage wrought by the effects of an affair. Through Dr Currin's thoughtful style, readers of "The Essential Guide to Surviving Infidelity" will learn how affairs start, what to do if a partner is suspected of cheating, how to deal with the emotional impact of an affair, and many other essential steps in the healing process. In addition, Dr. Currin provides clears guideposts to healing a marriage (as well as oneself), moving on, engaging the power of forgiveness, and restoring trust.

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ISBN 9781615641192
Categories Family and Relationship, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development
Author(s) Liz Currin
Publisher Alpha Books
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Language English