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Complete Triathlete's Training Manual

A successful triathlete is an endurance runner, swimmer, and bicyclist--and superb conditioning is essential for athletes who compete in this arduous sport. This book presents six graded training schedules designed to take aspiring triathletes from beginner status to championship contender. The author's guidelines will tell readers which schedule is best for them, based on their state of physical fitness. They'll find detailed advice on how to build general fitness and lose unwanted weight. Author Oliver Roberts also recommends the best equipment, based on each individual's physical profile, and offers detailed advice on how to avoid injury during the course of a training program. Just as important, he tells how to cope with injuries if they occur. Finally, he advises on how to plan for a triathlon, how to compete in the race, and how to develop tactics for completing the event in fast time. A log section at the back of the book helps trainees keep track of their progress. The book is filled with charts and more than 150 color illustrations.

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ISBN 9780764143847
Categories New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle, Sports
Author(s) Oliver Roberts
Publisher B.E.S.
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Language English