Breaking Cat News: Cats Reporting On The News That Matters To Cats

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Based on author/illustrator Georgia Dunn's real life pets, Elvis, Lupin, and Puck strap on neckties and pick up microphones to provide the most up-to-date relevant news stories (at least according to them). Cats reporting on the news that matters to cats with stories such as The Vacuum Cleaner Is Back!, The Woman Is Cooking Bacon!, and The Ceiling Cats Are Everywhere Tonight! Cynical, no nonsense Elvis and shy, sweet, sensitive Puck are the reporter kitties in the field, while the adventurous jokester Lupin serves as anchor cat. Together they break headlines on the food bowl, new plants, mysterious red dots, strange cats in the yard, and all the daily happenings in their home.

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ISBN 9781449474133
Categories Humour, New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle
Author(s) Andrews McMeel Publishing
Publisher Georgia Dunn
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